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By popular request, it's the LOLO METHOD for styling and taming gray hair!

by BTW Co.

5 years ago



By popular request, it's the LOLO METHOD for styling and taming gray hair!

by BTW Co.

5 years ago

Guys, we all know it- gray hair can be a little..........erm......UNRULY. Those silver strands that you're growing out can come in with a WHOLE NEW TEXTURE. They can have a mind of their own!

Think beautiful, sparkling new friends who you invite over for a quiet cup of tea and a civilized chat, but instead they decide to go crazy and have a WILD PARTY on the top of your head!

To make matters worse, the vast majority of us do not have naturally light blond hair, so those new party-animal friends? Yeah, their antics are EXTRA noticeable when highlighted against your darker, non-gray hair.

Today I'm going to share with you the tools, products and tips I use to get my hair looking as soft, shiny and frizz-free as I can. I call it "The Lolo Method!" ("Lolo" is my nickname and it's actually not really an official method, but something that I do everyday and it works well, so I'll teach you!)

Before I begin, remember: you can have all the right tools like styling products and brushes, but without knowing how to use those tools they're not going to work! Be patient and practice. Give it your best shot and you'll do great!

Step 1. The Set-Up

Ok, here we go. Let's pretend that you're starting on a day with freshly washed hair, just out of the shower, STILL DAMP.

My suggestion is that you use the purple shampoo and purple conditioner from our....ehemmm....ONLINE STORE when you need a bit of brightening of your whites. Or our clarifying shampoo when your hair feels a little weighed down from styling product build up. If your hair is good to go, our super moisturizing daily shampoo and conditioner will nourish you hair and help make the texture soft and lovely.

No matter what you use, starting with damp, hydrated hair is the first step!

Step 2. CAREFULLY De-Tangle and Condition

So now, this is the part where you want to get yourself something like your fingers, or better yet, a wide-tooth comb like THIS one. When our hair is wet, it is extra prone to breakage and damage so please be super gentle!!! I grab sections of my wet hair and hold it slack while I comb so that I am not pulling my hair out. Use your finger or wide-tooth comb to simply get ride of any big tangles.

Next, I take my Life Changing Leave-In Conditioner, give it a shake and pour a generously sized dollop into my hand. As you use this leave-in, you'll get a better idea of how much your particular hair needs. Feel it out, there's no right or wrong amount! The Life Changing Leave-In is one of my favorite things that we've made. It just makes such a difference! My hair always comes out feeling so much softer, manageable and shiny. It also protects and nourishes with moisture.

You can gently distribute the leave-in all around your hair using the palms of your hands. Then, I personally follow-up with the wide-tooth comb to help evenly apply it. Next up is a little bit of our Silicone-Free Hair Serum. This is going to give you even more softness and lots of shine! A small amount goes a long way. I start with a dime sized portion in the palm of my hand, rub my hands together and evenly distribute it.

Step 3. Here's the Important Part! The Smooth and Smoosh!!!

I will now teach you my technique for less frizzy hair. ;)

Ok, listen carefully.... so, after experimenting and experimenting, I have FINALLY FOUND SOMETHING THAT WORKS! I've been using this technique and it works every time.

I carefully comb my hair and make it as straight/smooth as possible on top. Then I use a cream like our Silicone-Free Styling Cream, or a gel, something like THIS . I smooth a small amount with the palm of my hands, moving from the part in my hair downward. The trick is, is that you are SMOOTHING down the frizz on the top of your hair. You can smooth all the way to your ends, but this is mostly for the wild gray hairs at the top.

Now, again, carefully, I gather my hair into a sleek, low ponytail, smoothing my hair down as I go. If your hair is too short for a ponytail, don't worry about this step. After it is in a ponytail, one that is not too tight, but just snug enough to help keep my hair taunt, I then apply one more layer of my cream to the top of my head, making sure to smooth everything down and then I STOP TOUCHING MY HAIR!

Step 4. Air Dry a Little or Blow Dry While Smooshing!

You're in the home stretch! Ok, so, if you have time to let your hair air dry a little, then this is always good. I often let my hair dry to partially damp when in the ponytail. While this is going on, I check to see if my frizz is still staying down, and if it's not, I simply put a TINY bit of the styling cream in my hair and I smooth the frizz down again. Then I stop touching my hair! This is part of the trick.

If you are pressed for time, or if you just want to use your dryer, that's fine too! The concept is the same - smoosh, use gentle tension to keep things smooth, don't mess with your hair too much. When I'm ready to dry, whether it be from the start or after air drying for a while, I turn my dryer onto medium or warm and I angle the air flow down while smoothing the hair on the top of my head with the palm of my hand.

It's all about having the air flow and your hand and the product smoothing the hair follicle down. Your hair will look flat on top initially, but once you get everything smoothed, later, you can go back and add volume.

Ok, so dry smooth down, dry smooth down.......

Step 5. Bring in the Round Brush!

This is the part where I grab my big round brush. You can use any type or size of round brush that you please. Just find something that doesn't pull out your hair. I've found that boar bristle round brushes work well for me. You just need to experiment with your own hair type.

Proced to dry your hair with the round brush while also smoothing with your hand. HERE is a good video tutorial on drying your hair with a round brush!

Finally, I feel like the following trick really really helps to smooth and calm my hair. After I'm done drying, I gather my hair back up into a ponytail or twist it into a bun and let it just "set" for a few minutes. I like to let my hair cool down.

Step 6. Finally, the Last Step (Optional)

Ok, this final step is optional, but at least for me, it makes a big big difference. I've found that using heat styling to smooth my hair is a super tool. The thing is, we have to be careful not to use anything too hot, or we'll damage and yellow our white hair! Straightening irons and curling wands are awesome tools, but, even on low settings, we are risking all of that damage to our vulnerable hair.

What I do use is large hot rollers. What I like about hot rollers is that they don't seem to be as scorching hot and damaging as straightening irons and curling wands. Also, with my set, if I watch them, I feel like I can unplug the rollers a bit early, hence making them warm but not too too hot. I think that the velvety flocked covering to my particular roller set helps to not snag or burn my hair.

Using the largest diameter rollers that your hair can take will smooth your hair AND give you great body and bounce! It's a wonderful finish! You can follow up with a tiny dab of serum if needed, but usually I don't, the shine is already there.

And there you have it! The Lolo Method!

1.) Wash and Prep

2.) De-tangle and Condition

3.) Styling Products

4.) Smooth and Smoosh

5.) Dry with a Round Brush

6.) Curlers I hope this was helpful in your quest to styling your hair. I know that you might have your own tips, suggestions and routines and I'm always more than happy to hear about yours too! Also, for our very curly girl sisters out there, what do you use and do to get your gorgeous curls looking great?

Until Next Time, Enjoy Your Hair Silver Sisters!!!



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